Data center and fibre-optic network: Swiss quality from start to finish

DataHub operates a data center in Biel (Espace Mittelland region). The data center has carrier-neutral access and is connected via our geo-redundant fibre-optic network. Thanks to this connection, the data can be exchanged redundantly at up to 100 Gbps. The data center is under video surveillance and is accessible for customers around the clock via biometric access control. Redundant emergency power and air conditioning systems (tier III+) and gas fire extinguishing systems are provided as a matter of course.

Our 2,400 kilometer fibre-optic network, which covers the whole of Switzerland, is also monitored around the clock. It is entirely geo-redundant and is operated by SBB.

DataHub continuously invests in new, energy-saving technologies and it is a matter of conviction for us to operate our data center with renewable energy only.

DataHub Biel


DataHub access points (PoP)


DataHub fibre-optic network