The Swiss point-to-point connection for transporting your data – as reliable as the SBB

DataHub is your partner when it comes to geo-redundant point-to-point connections for Swiss-wide site networking. Point-to-point connections are direct, permanent data connections between two locations for national and international carriers, local operators and large companies with a significant flow of data. DataHub has a fibre-optic network with 48 access points. It is operated by SBB, monitored around the clock and, at a length of 2,400 kilometers, covers the whole of Switzerland.

Guaranteed availability

Availability is evident not under normal operating conditions, but in exceptional situations. Our network is proactively monitored and the backbone is laid out in a highly available ring structure. We use the latest Cisco Flex Spectrum technology with automatic re-routing.

Unbeatable speed

So that you do not waste any time while working, we provide you with our services practically in “real time”. Our bandwidths are scalable from 10 Mbits for small applications up to 400 Gbps for entire business processes. This leaves no more room for bottlenecks or excuses.

Truly Swiss

Our state-of-the-art network runs alongside the SBB’s tracks and our hubs are distributed across all of Switzerland, meaning your company is always optimally networked. Quality, reliability and security are our values. Quite simply truly Swiss.

Would you like to remain independent, use your own active equipment and specify the bandwidth of your fibre-optic line yourself? With our Lambda services, we connect your sites with dedicated wavelengths. An ideal alternative to dark fibre.

Standard features

Bandwidths Optical interfaces
Network access Fibre optic
Spectrum 50 Ghz (C-band: 0.4nm)
Interfaces E2000/APC, LC/PC

Are you seeking a powerful point-to-point connection to connect your company sites throughout Switzerland? Bit services from DataHub are the perfect solution for complex data transport in the gigabit range. Guaranteed bandwidths, high availability and round-the-clock proactive monitoring are included.

Bit-Services: Fiber Channel

Bandwidths Optical interfaces
1 Gbps MMF 850nm; SMF 1310nm
2 Gbps MMF 850nm; SMF 1310nm
4 Gbps MMF 850nm; SMF 1310nm
10 Gbps MMF 850nm; SMF 1310nm

Bit-Services: TDM Services

Bandwidths Optical interfaces
OC-3 / STM-1
(155 Mbps)
MMF & SFM 1310nm
OC-12 / STM-4
(622 Mbps)
MMF & SFM 1310nm
OC-48 / STM-16
(2‘405 Mbps)
MMF & SFM 1310nm

Bit-Services: Ethernet Transport

Bandwidths Optical interfaces Electrical interfaces
1 Gbps MMF 850nm; SMF 1310nm 1000BaseT, RJ45
10 Gbps SMF 1310nm
40 Gbps SMF 1310nm
100 Gbps SMF 1310nm
400 Gbps SMF 1310nm

Would you like to transfer data, voice and video reliably between your company sites on a protocol-independent basis? Our Ethernet services with synchronous and guaranteed bandwidths are the key to success.

Standard features

Bandwidths Electrical interfaces Optical interfaces
10 Mbps 1000BaseT, RJ45 SMF 1310nm
20 Mbps 1000BaseT, RJ45 SMF 1310nm
50 Mbps 1000BaseT, RJ45 SMF 1310nm
100 Mbps 1000BaseT, RJ45 SMF 1310nm
1000 Mbps 1000BaseT, RJ45 SMF 1310nm

Service Level Basic

Availability 99.90 %, 8h maximum downtime per year
Monitoring Service is monitored reactively (customer opens a ticket)
Support level 7 x 24 h
Help desk 7 x 24 h

Service Level Premium

Subject to change at any time. Conditions in written quotation are valid only.
Availability 99.95 %, 4h maximum downtime per year
Monitoring Service is monitored proactively
Support level 7 x 24 h
Help desk 7 x 24 h

The extensive DataHub fibre-optic network in Switzerland