Managed cloud services from DataHub

Cloud-based services are a pragmatic and sensible response to the constantly increasing requirements and cost pressure in IT. However, many companies are not prepared to outsource business-related data to an unclear cloud somewhere in the world. They require not only flexibility, but also absolute transparency regarding where and in whose hands the company data is located.

The DataHub Data Center Cloud and DataHub UCC Cloud are appropriate answers to this – with both DataHub managed services, your data is located in our secure Swiss data center in Biel.

DataHub Data Center Cloud, powered by netrics

With a hybrid cloud solution, you procure secure and flexible IT power and relieve the workload of your internal company resources sustainably. Together with our solution partner netrics, we develop and operate your company-specific cloud platform efficiently and cost-effectively in the DataHub Data Center Cloud. Your data remains in Switzerland, specifically in our highly available data center in Biel. Whether you use the public cloud, private community cloud or managed service cloud, you always have control. More