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Data Center Biel data focuses on international customers

Together with its affiliate DataHub Networks, Data Center Biel is the only Swiss data center with the right to use 2,400-kilometres of fibre optic cable. These cables run alongside railway tracks and are networked throughout Switzerland via 46 access points at centrally located railway stations. The unique fibre optic network offers georedundant point-to-point connections for optimal site networking throughout Switzerland. With one of the largest fibre optic networks in Switzerland, we focus on the stability, and locational advantage of Biel (Espace Mittelland), as well a client base increasingly comprised of international companies and large Swiss companies.

This future-proof fibre optic cable technology, ensuring high bandwidth reserves for data transmissions, provides a major point-of-sale (POS) advantage to the DataHub Networks. The high performance and secure IT infrastructure, as well as exclusive services on the Swiss Big Data Highway provide further advantages. With a PUE of 1.35, Data Center Biel has an extremely high energy efficiency and is equipped for high-performance computing with energy densities of up to 15-20 kW per rack. This enables performance approximately ten times higher than that of traditional data centers.


About Data Center Biel AG

Data Center Biel AG was founded in Biel on 1st June 2016. Data Center Biel, an affiliate of DataHub Networks AG, is carrier-neutral. It commenced operations in Spring 2018 with space of 3,000 square metres. Data Center Biel offers a comprehensive, full-service portfolio of tailor-made data centre and cloud solutions for large private and public sector organisations and SMEs in Switzerland. The solutions are tailored according to the individual needs of clients, from the networking and data transmission through to the secure storage of data in its own data centre. Data Center Biel uses a state-of-the-art 2,400-kilometre fibre optic network, which is marketed by its affiliate DataHub Networks AG.